Is 'Glee' Racist?

gleeWe know Glee is gay, but are they racist?

Up front, they probably have one of the most diverse casts possible, and considering they're at a high school in small-town Ohio, that in itself is quite a stretch. You have white kids, African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, throw in a kid in a wheelchair just to cover all the bases.

But while watching last night's episode, I noticed a lot of racist flags being thrown ...


The example that set off my racism alarm was when they were introducing Charice Pempengco's character and Rachel was talking, no screaming, to her in the bathroom as if she couldn't speak English. And being Asian I guess means you're deaf as well?

Then there was the Asian camp filled with little tech geeks.

And how about when Tina Cohen-Chang and Mike Chang (gah, the writers couldn't even come up with another Asian last name?) are accused of dating -- "What? Because we're Asian?"


Are they doing it as a self-aware racist -- as in, purposefully being racist just to show how stupid racism is? My inner gleek would like to think so, and I'm going to assume so from here on out because, well, frankly, I love the show too damn much.

Perhaps the effect that it has on people is based on their perception of it. Do I think stereotype jokes are funny? Sure. I think it's hilarious when my black friends make a "dumb white girl" reference, and when my Spanish friends make a cheap Jew joke to our Jewish buddy. We all laugh. But that's because none of us are racist whatsoever.

So I will continue laughing at the jokes on Glee because, though they may be racist, they're at least purposefully so.

What do you think? Is Glee racist?


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