Bristol Palin 'Dancing With the Stars' Debut -- Bring on the Awkward!

Kim Conte

bristol palinAfter all the build-up to Bristol Palin's debut last night on Dancing With the Stars, I half expected her to come out on the dance floor wearing baggy sweats from head to toe, yelling demands at her partner, and acting like a spoiled princess.

The media made much of the fact that she wasn't going to wear revealing clothing and was acting like a total diva in rehearsals. Yet, last night she surprised us on both accounts.

How could we have been so wrong about her?


Instead of her master plan to dress modestly, Palin stripped out of her stuffy gray suit within the first few seconds to reveal this spicy little number:

bristol palin

It's not at all inappropriate but definitely a little less modest than her comments before the premiere led us to believe. And all that shimmying and booty shaking? You go, girl!

Then, there was her overall attitude. Bristol had no time to act like a prima donna simply because she was too busy being shy and awkward. Her self-consciousness almost makes her more likable (that is, if you can get past the teen activist comment). And I loved how her partner, Mark Ballas, was so lovely and caring toward her.

Love her or hate her, you have to admit she at least provides us with plenty of cringe-worthy moments. Case in point: When Brooke Burke asked her after her performance "how much her life has changed" since she was a receptionist in Alaska.

Bristol replied, "It's changed a lot."

Awkward silence. More awkward silence.

Finally, Burke and Ballas laugh nervously. *Cringe!*

Looks like Bristol didn't inherit the gift of gab from her mother -- although maybe that's a good thing?

What did you think of Bristol's performance?


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