'DWTS' Highlight Is Jennifer Grey? Really?

Jennifer GreyLast night we were reunited with our old friends on DWTS -- Carrie Ann! Bruno! Len! And Maks! (He's the only dancer that I'm a big fan of.) And we got our first peek at the "stars" and their dancing skillz. Seriously have to use that term oh-so-loosely this year.

So after tuning in to last night's train wreck episode, why is everyone talking about Jennifer Grey???

Because she cried? Because she did well? Because they played the Patrick Swayze card?


Sure all of those things sound like they'd be newsworthy, but not when you have things like this going on:

You've got a 76-year-old dropping F-bombs every few seconds, The Situation doing the running man and fist-pumping (my life is now complete), Margaret Cho flapping around golden wings, Rick Fox's smile (trust me, he deserves a whole highlight for that), and the Hoff ('nuff said).

So, someone please tell me why the heck the blogosphere is all abuzz about Jennifer Grey?

So she got the highest scores. Big deal. Getting the highest scores in the first week of DWTS is like the plot in a porno. It doesn't matter. Which Len pointed out on more than one occasion. See? Even he knows the first week is BS.

And then she cried. And made Carrie Ann cry. When she was announced for the show, I knew there'd be a whole lotta crying going on since the whole Dirty Dancing + Patrick Swayze thing. It didn't help for the expectancy factor when they gave her a song from Dirty Dancing. Yawn. Next, please.

Now that we got that over with, let's dish about Bristol's "conservative" outfit ...

What was your favorite highlight of the night?


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