'Gossip Girl' Recap: Chuck and Blair Together Again (Sorta)

Gossip GirlOn this week's episode of Gossip Girl, Blair somehow talked herself back in to the good graces of the prince who she offended with her shallow ways last week. And she was off to a ball just like a true princess (in an incredible red gown).

But like in all fairy tales, there's always a dark force, and Blair saw hers walking along the streets of Paris -- Chuck Bass, of course.

Holy pumpkin, Cinderella.

She tried to deny her feelings for him and continued to prepare for balls and the like, but Serena kept feeding her information about Chuck -- like he was shot, like he bought her a ginormous diamond ring, like he's trying to erase his name from the earth and disappear from his former life all together -- that put a bit of crimp in her plans.


As p.o.'d as she is about the whole Chuck and Little J. scandal, Blair's true feelings for Chuck prevailed, and off she went to save him ... on a bridge, in her gorgeous gown, overlooking the twinkling lights of Paris.

Cheesy dialogue aside, it was touching (c'mon, it was), and while she told him plainly, "I don't love you anymore", she also begged him to come back to New York and his life ... and her life.

"It wouldn't be my world without you in it," B. told him.

Then it was off to turn her chariot back into a pumpkin (or at least a small limo) as she broke it to the prince that she was heading back to New York. When he asked if he would see her again, she gave him her shoe, which is a "hell of a lot more expensive than a glass slipper".

Then she attempted to hobble off on one shoe ... not so gracefully.

She didn't rush back into Chuck's arms (yet), and Chuck's arms are going to be occupied (for awhile at least) by the blond who rescued him. He's taking her back to New York with him, and now it's her turn to be the princess.

When she excitedly asked if he bought her a ticket, he replied:

"We don't need tickets. I'm Chuck Bass."


So yes indeed, Chuck Bass is back.

Back in New York, it was all about Serena (big surprise), as Nate and Dan battled it out (ever so nicely) to determine who would be the winner of her affections when she returned from New York.

Only when she returned, they both had affections for others -- Dan was back with Vanessa; and Nate had entered a budding fake/real relationship with Juliet Sharp, who was supposed to be coaching him on how to win Serena.

Which brings us to the most pressing question of the whole night: Who is Juliet Sharp?

Why does she have a scary mug shot of herself on a bulletin board along pictures of all our favorite Upper East Siders? And what does she have to do with Georgina and Dan's alleged baby (who we found out in the final minutes can't be Dan's)?

Gossiping minds want to know!

Did you love C&B's reunion in Paris? Are they destined to get back together? Any guesses as to who Juliet Sharp really is?

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