Atlanta 'Housewife' Kim Zolciak Releases New Song: My Ears! My Ears!

Kim ZolciakYou shook your booty to "Tardy for the Party," and now, without further ado, comes the newest auto-tuned concoction from The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kim Zolciak, titled "Google Me." 

Google may want to sue for copyright association without permission, assuming that's an offense. If it's not, it should be after this song.

Listen to it here.


Now that I've properly caused your ears to bleed (sorry about that), let's talk about how in the world did she make enough money off of the first single to even be able to release a second one? Here are our five theories:

  • She has some serious blackmail info against Big Poppa, so he gave her hush money that she promptly used to buy hundreds of "Tardy for the Party" singles. 
  • Her custom wig line, KZ's Lokz, is blowing up in the ATL. Mostly because of all the TLC that they receive.
  • She sold all of her Big Poppa bling.
  • She spent hours googling herself and "liking" every article that came up, single-handedly boosting her popularity. 
  • Bravo footed the bill in hopes of creating a stir right before the season 3 Real Housewives of Atlanta premieres in October. They say no press is bad press, right?

What do you think of her newest song? Love it? Hate it?


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