Bryan Masche the New Jon Gosselin?

Kim Conte

bryan mascheWhen reports surfaced this weekend alleging that Raising Sextuplets dad Bryan Masche was arrested for domestic violence, the media was quick to draw comparisons between him and another notorious reality TV dad, Jon Gosselin.

Ordinarily, I'm first in line to highlight Jon's many, many character flaws. But his misbehavior was limited to late-night partying, cavorting with 22-year-olds, and threatening to extort his ex, Kate Gosselin -- which is all disturbing enough on its own but hardly considered "abusive." Yet, just because he, too, is a reality parent of multiples and frequently acts like a loser, people are trying to draw ridiculous connections between him and Masche.

Here are a few reasons why we should avoid comparing the two loser reality dads:


For one thing, Masche was arrested while visiting relatives in Arizona where he allegedly lost his temper to the point where someone in the family felt threatened and called 911. He was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and threatening domestic violence, taken into custody, and released on $3,500 bond. Gosselin has his own share of legal troubles -- the worst is being sued by TLC for violating his contract -- but as far as we know, he's never threatened to harm his family, and he's never done time.

The two also differ greatly when it comes to their profession. According to his bio, Masche owns his own financial consulting company. God only knows what Gosselin does all day.

Finally, as fans of Raising Sextuplets can attest, Masche has a history of being a bully -- an unfortunate behavior trait that was no doubt magnified by the stress of having sextuplets with his wife, Jenny. I think we can agree that Gosselin, despite his many faults, had perhaps the opposite reputation in his immediate family.

It's difficult to determine who is the biggest loser in these separate circumstances. While I certainly encourage you to judge, let's please not conflate the two. I never thought I'd say this, but Jon Gosselin is actually looking less like a jerk to me.

Although, who really knows what happens when the reality TV cameras aren't rolling?


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