'America's Got Talent' Winner: Shocking and Disappointing

Michael Grimm*** Spoliers Ahead***

In the disappointing finale of America's Got Talent tonight, Michael Grimm, a 30-year-old blues singer from Mississippi, was named the winner.

He was the last of the four finalists I expected, or wanted, to win.

Oh, he's got talent, there's no question. He's a great singer and a seemingly nice guy, who wanted to win the contest for his grandparents who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, which is sweet.

But the other finalists were just so much more ... special.

Here's one of Grimm's final performances on the show:

Great, and I'd love to sit in a dark bar and watch him perform, but how did he win over someone like this:


Prince Poppycock! Like a wacky male opera version of Lady Gaga, he was amazing week after week and provided plenty of originality, but he only took home third place.

Fighting Gravity, the awesome dance troop who uses light tricks to appear to be dancing in the air, was clearly shocked they were sent home with fourth-place status.

But it was little 10-year-old Jackie Evancho for whom I was really rooting. She blew me away the first time I heard her and continued to impress not just with her singing, but also her amazing poise and maturity. Plus, she's just adorable!

I still can't believe that voice comes out of this little girl:

And she was so gracious when she found out she lost.

"This experience has been amazing," she said with nary a tear in sight. "I have loved every single moment that I've been doing it, and I just really hope that I'll be able to sing for you guys again."

So how Grimm won, I don't know.

Even he seemed surprised he won, asking, "Is this really happening?"

The vote was in America's hands, so whether it was a sympathy vote for the plight of his grandparents or if the other contestants split the vote so strongly that he emerged ahead of them, the fact remains he's the winner of $1 million and his own Vegas show. So congratulations to him.

And I'm sure Evancho will go on to do great things. Remember, Susan Boyle came in second too.

Were you disappointed in the results of America's Got Talent?


Image via nbc.com

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