'Big Brother 12' Recap: The Winner Takes It All

Big Brother 12 winner Hayden
Big Brother 12 winner
After a summer of surprises and let-downs, Big Brother 12 ended in just the same way.

Lane and Hayden had a really close game to win the final HOH, but Hayden won, just as everyone expected him to. In a surprising move (for me at least), Hayden chose to evict Enzo and keep Lane in the final two. Even more of a surprise: Lane admitted in his goodbye message to Enzo that he was taking him to the final two. Huh. Weird.

Enzo became the last member to join the jury while Lane and Hayden fought for the $500,000.

In a major let-down, Lane stuck with his "dumb Lane" routine, but surprisingly, some of the jury seemed to want the best social player to win rather than who won competitions. That was Lane's ray of hope.


It's clear that Lane has never taken a public speaking class. His responses to questions from the jury set him up to lose. He wouldn't answer anything in a straightforward or particularly competitive way. He was still trying to be the nice, and this was the time to be a strong, decisive, honest competitor.

Meanwhile, Hayden's answers were well-crafted and strong. He obviously thought about what the jury might ask him and what his responses would be. Even though his social game wasn't actually as strong as Lane's, he sounded sure of himself when he said it, so it made it seem true.

Their final pleas were the same way, with Hayden giving a strong, rehearsed plea while Lane basically said "you guys are great, I'm cool too."

Before the winner was revealed, there were other secrets to share. The Brigade found out about Matt's lie and seemed as okay with it as they could be. The houseguests also learned that Ragan was the second saboteur and were genuinely shocked.

America's Player was also announced, and I was ecstatic, but not at all surprised, that Britney won.

But the Big Brother 12 winner was a bigger nail-biter, with Enzo casting the deciding vote and choosing Hayden as the Big Brother 12 winner.

If only you had fessed up about taking Enzo to the final two, you might be $450,000 richer, Lane. I'm upset about Lane's performance in the most important two hours of the game, but I guess that goes to show that Hayden really did deserve it. Or that Lane gave it to him. Hmm ...

Were you surprised that Hayden won Big Brother 12? What about Britney winning America's Player?


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