'Survivor: Nicaragua' Premieres Tonight: Pits Under-30 and Over-40 Players Against Each Other

Survivor: Nicaragua premieres tonight and I don't know about you guys, but I am SO going to have my ass planted in front of the TV to watch.

I think I've watched pretty much every season of Survivor, which is kind of scary because this is going to be the twenty-first season.

That doesn't seem remotely possible, does it? It's true, though: in the U.S., Survivor's been on since 2000.


I can't say I've ever longed to be on the show (I can't swim for crap, I would totally fall apart from stress during the puzzle challenges, and there is no way on EARTH I could choke down a live centipede or a smoothie made from wildebeest testicles or whatever), but this is the first show I wouldn't have even been eligible to join. In this season, the contestants will be divided into two tribes based on their ages. The Espada tribe will include contestants over 40, while the La Flor tribe includes contestants 30 and younger.

Other changes to the show's format this year include Hidden Immunity Idols that are more difficult to find (to reduce the "Russell Factor" from the last two seasons, when Russell Hantz dug a new one up during like every single episode), and tribes will be competing for control of something called The Medallion of Power, which gives an advantage in a challenge when used—but is then transferred to the other tribe.

Taking a quick glance at the cast, it looks like a whole lot of eye candy will be on display this season. Hard bodies are plentiful in this lineup, but I'll tell you who I have an early eye on: Jimmy Johnson, former college and NFL football coach. He's a former psychology major, his sports background gives him something for people to relate to, and he's gone on record saying he's only gained back half the weight he lost on the show. Sounds like a guy that wasn't exactly kicked out the first day, you know?

Let's hope it's a fun—or at least interesting—season! I hope you'll be joining me here each week at The Stir for my Survivor recaps.

Will you be watching Survivor: Nicaragua? Do you have any early favorites?

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