Bachelor Pad Payoff: Is $250,000 Worth It?

According to the internet, Bachelor Pad is a reality show that includes "memorable contestants" from past seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, who are competing in a Survivor-style elimination competition.

(I had to look it up because I've never actually seen it—my eyes automatically glaze over when I hear the word "bachelor" associated with "television" because I'm sorry, but no. Who will get the rose? Call me when the rose is dipped with a fast-acting poison, okay?)


Anyway, so Bachelor Pad apparently features titillating weekly challenges the contestants have to try and win, such as bikini-clad pie-eating contests, kissing contests, Twister competitions, and audience participation where the home viewer digs out their own brain with an grapefruit spoon after suffering through an entire hour of this crap.

Wait, that's just me.

Then they all go on dates with each other and make out and cry about stuff or whatever, and eventually two winners are picked. The current winners, David Good and Natalie Getz, earned the top prize: $250,000.

Which they have to share.

The final twist of the show is that the winners have to choose, on their own, whether they want to keep or share the money. If one person picks keep, the money is theirs alone. If they both pick keep, the money goes be divided among the castoffs. Sharing means they split the prize.

So after an entire season of humiliation, lurid flesh-exposing scenes, and whatever drama is actually happening or manufactured, these guys get $125,000 each. And after taxes, that's  . . . well, it's not nothing, but it won't exactly fill up your retirement fund.

Winner David Good plans to use his cash to promote his upcoming book, The Man Code. (!) For her part, Natalie Getz will pay off student loans and start a charity.

I can't say it wasn't worth their time, but man. It makes you wonder, do people really go on these kinds of shows for the money? Or is it for the exposure, and the hope that this will spin off into another opportunity for them ("Bachelor Party: Where Everyone Gets Herpes!").

How big of a cash prize would it take for you to do a show like Bachelor Pad?

Image via ABC

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