'Big Brother 12' Winner: How He'll Spend $500,000

Big Brother 12 houseguest Enzo
Big Brother 12's Enzo, dreaming about $500,000
The Big Brother 12 finale is quickly approaching, so Lane, Hayden, and Enzo are probably dreaming about what they'll do with the prize money if they're lucky enough to win the $500,000.

Before we contemplate how this year's final three might spend their winnings, let's look at Big Brother winners of seasons past and play "Where Are They Now: Big Money Edition."


Jordan Lloyd, winner of Big Brother 11, sensibly said she'd use the money to buy a house for her and her family. There's no reason to think she didn't do just that, she's such a sweetheart.

Dick Donato took fellow Big Brother 8 contestant and daughter, Danielle, to Europe and bought her a red car. Goes to show that any bitter, estranged family can reunite and be happy if there's enough money involved.

All-Star Mike "Boogie" Malin didn't use his money to buy dignity, as Alison hoped he would. Instead, he probably pumped his check into Dolce Group, the restaurant and entertainment group he co-owns.

Of course, Adam Jasinski has the best story. He wisely invested his winnings ... by buying and attempting to resell oxycodone. Surely $500K is a nice sum of money, why get all greedy about it?

So what would The Brigade members do with $500,000?

Lane would start with a hefty supply of Muscle Milk, which he could probably negotiate into a deal of some sort and be their spokesperson. But something tells me he'd spend a lot of it buying beer, truck parts, and guns.

Hayden would get new ski gear, snowboarding equipment, etc. and have the time of his life until his money ran out. He seems nice enough to give some of his money to his family, but that's the only sensible thing I see in his future.

Enzo would probably be the most responsible of the three. He has a wife and a baby, and has said he wants more children. He'd probably buy a nice house, start some college funds, and go on vacations with "the wifey."

What do you think the winner will spend his money on?


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