'Gossip Girl' Season Premiere Recap: Meet Milo!

gossip girlBonjour, Gossip Girl addicts, it's been awhile! Our favorite cast of fabulous characters has spent the summer simmering in some scandalous situations from the banks of Paris to the streets of New York.

So much to discuss ...

Let's start with the newest cast member -- baby Milo. Milo is supposedly the love (or blackout) child of Dan Humphrey and none other than ... Georgina Sparks. Yes, that Georgina. 

The same one who proceeded to interrupt a big party to announce to Dan's parents that, surprise, they're grandparents.

Dan can't really be the father, can he?

"We're talking about Georgina Sparks; her hair lies," Vanessa, the ever-astute, observed.


Georgina did produce some paperwork that supposedly proved Dan's paternity, but some secret phone conversations in another language (Russian perhaps?) plus Georgina's past psycho record offer more than a hint that she may be up to her usual conniving ways.

I predict parenthood will be short-lived for Dan, which is good, because no one really needs Serena as a stepmother -- a strong someday possibility.

Speaking of Serena ... we picked back up with her and Blair, who were finishing up their summer in Paris -- B. mournfully mooning over Chuck Bass, and Serena scooping up men.

Blair got pouty, like Blair often does, about Serena casting a shadow over her, even in Paris and at Columbia in the fall. B. responded with true class and ... pushed S. into a fountain.

Of course the wet blanket was on Blair when she learned the date she blew off because he was only a chauffeur was actually royalty.

Better rethink that attitude, B.

The other surprise, and a welcome one at that: Chuck Bass is alive!

While his fate seemed tenuous at best after being shot and cared for in unquestionable circumstances over the summer, he is by all appearances alive and well ... and with a blonde.

And heading toward Paris. Le drame!

Will Blair and Chuck reunite in gay old Paris?

One can only hope to see what goes down.

Finally, as far as things going down ... just who is Juliet Sharp and what does she want with Nate Archibald?

She clearly wants something from the looks of her stalker-worthy bulletin board that tracks all the major Gossip Girl players. Hmmmm ...

More drama to come, for sure.


Did you watch the season premier of Gossip Girl? What did you think?



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