'Bachelor Pad' Finale Recap: Share and Share Alike

Bachelor Pad Natalie and DaveThough host Chris Harrison always promises the most dramatic this and that, tonight's finale of Bachelor Pad actually came pretty close to delivering.

**Spoilers Ahead**

To get to the final drama though we had to endure a dancing contest in which each of the three remaining couples were paired with instructors from Dancing With the Stars ... of course. It wouldn't be an episode of Bachelor Pad without some DWTS involvement, now would it?

After just a day's practice, their performances were mostly painful to watch, but Tenley (a trained dancer) and Kiptyn took the prize and got to select the couple that was to join them in the final showdown.

They chose Dave and Natalie, which sent lovebirds Elizabeth and Kovacs packing.

The couple was comforted by the fact that while they lost the money they had found love ...


Love that only last about five seconds after the cameras stopped rolling. During the reunion segment of the show, the "couple" stated clearly they're no longer together.

"If anyone wants a player, here you go," Elizabeth said motioning to Kovacs.

Really, him a player? On a game? I would feel sorry for her, but she's just too annoying.

With all the former house guests together, there were some mild confrontations about bad behavior that had gone on in the house and updates on romances (Gia is now single, and she and Wes finally kissed for us all). The banter was moderated by Melissa Rycroft (in an AWFUL mess of a black-sequined dress), who finally got to speak more than a few words rather than just standing silently by Harrison like she's done the rest of the season.

After making final pleas to the house as to why they should win the money (was anyone else gagging over Tenley's sob story or Kiptyn's promise to donate the money to charity?), the housemates voted.

Dave and Natalie were left standing. (See girls, sometimes flashing your boobs at a boy does really work.)

And that's where it got really good ...

Dave and Natalie each had to go to separate rooms and select either to share the $250,000 with each other, or keep it all personally.

If both chose share, they would each get $125,000. If one chose share and the other chose keep, then the one who chose keep would get it all. If they both chose keep, neither of them would get a dime, and the money would be split among the rest of the contestants.

Share would seem to be the obvious answer for anyone, especially anyone who's romantically involved with the other player. But we were talking Natalie, who very clearly puts herself first as a rule.

So it was a bit of a nail-biter especially as she dragged it out with a somber speech and serious face.

But whether because she's lovestruck by Dave or not truly as selfish as she appears on TV, she chose share.

There was hugging and yelling and celebrating, and then Dave planted a big fat kiss right on Chris Harrison's lips -- which was a dramatic ending I doubt even Harrison ever anticipated.

While the series dragged a bit in the middle, and I don't think the episodes had any business being two hours each week, I have to say overall Bachelor Pad wasn't bad.

OK, it was really bad, but just the kind of bad that would draw me back for another season.

What did you think of the Bachelor Pad finale? Would you watch another season of the show?

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