'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Botched Botox and Smoking Secrets

Kim Kardashian BotoxThe basic lesson from this week's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians: Kris Jenner is a bad role model for her daughters in more ways than one.

First, she relentlessly teases Kim about her upcoming 30th birthday, pulling out grey hairs from Kim's head as she tries to eat lunch.

"Kim has a grey hair. Kim has a grey hair." Jenner taunts.

Then she tells her she needs to start getting Botox, calling her "wrinkle eyes".

So Kim does ... and it's bad.


Shortly after the procedure, for which she declines numbing cream due to her "really high tolerance for pain", Kim's eyes start burning followed by swelling and bruising.

I hate to say I'm glad she had a bad reaction, but seriously, she's so gorgeous and so clearly didn't need Botox -- just like plenty of other young women (ahem, Charice Pempengco) -- that since it happened anyway, it's a nice reminder that the stuff isn't without risks.

Of course, not as big as the risk of SMOKING, like Kris Jenner does every night (which is somewhat surprising given her Olympic athlete of a husband and gorgeous skin).

Her girls set out to stop her.

Kourtney won't let her hold baby Mason if she doesn't shower after smoking (good idea), and Kiley sprays her with after freshener. Nothing works until after dousing her with water while she was out back smoking (which was hilarious), they decide to have baby sister Kendall Jenner pretend to smoke to show Kris the error of her ways.

Kendall plants herself smoking some honey and marshmallow herbal cigarettes of sorts (who knew?), and Kris, of course, finds her and goes berserk. Once she realizes it was a plot to prove a point to her, she's on a steady of Nicorette.

Kris vows to quit smoking, and Kim swears off Botox ... at least until she's 40. Two nice public service announcements courtesy of the Kardashians tied up in a little 30-minute package.

Whether the two will permanently give up their vices, however,  provides as much fodder for speculation as Kim's flirtations with Justin Bieber.

Do you believe Kim Kardashian realy won't get Botox again? And do you smoke? If so, do your children know?


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