'Big Brother 12' Recap: And the Winner Is ...

Big Brother 12 houseguests
Big Brother 12 houseguests
Leading up to the finale, Big Brother 12 showed us the season's highlights. We all could have done without the weird, fake, scripted play-by-play courtesy of the Three Stooges, but we don't always get what we want.

The trip down memory lane was great, and in the spirit of the VMAs (which also aired last night), I think we should give out some awards.

We don't have $500,000 for the winners, but if the winning houseguests want to accept a yummy homemade meal as their prize, just let me know.

On to the winners:


Biggest Loser - Enzo. This was an easy one, but I can't miss the opportunity to bring it up. Again.

Most Epic Fight - Ragan vs. Rachel. If there's one thing I realized during the recap episode, it's that this season has had some great fights. The Brendon vs. Britney battle almost won, but he had ulterior motives (remember his brilliant plan to have them evict him over Rachel?). Meanwhile, Ragan and Rachel so clearly hate each other, they win.

Best One-Liners - Enzo. He may be an awful player, but Meow Meow was an early fan fave with his quips and commentary. Lane's dim-witted thoughts are funny, and Britney's the best trash-talker, but Enzo wins. My personal fave:

Fourteen seconds, man. I came so close to winning the veto. That’s like one quickie with the wifey, man.

Best Dancer - Hayden. No, but really though, they say "dance like no one's watching," and I want Hayden to dance that way for the rest of his life. In fact, I see Dancing With the Stars in his future, especially since you no longer have to be a star.

What are some awards you'd give out to the Big Brother 12 houseguests? 


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