VMA Awards 2010: What Will Kanye Do?

Kanye WestThe countdown is on to the 2010 Video Music Awards tonight, and the excitement and anticipation of what will happen is more palpable than it's been in years.

Bumping up the buzz is news revealed last night that both Kanye West and Taylor Swift will be in the house. According to People they'll both be performing, though they won't share a stage.



Kanye's still pretty wrapped up in his guilt over his behavior last year when he stole Swift's moment. He's been a tweeting fool, mooning about his mistakes. Whether he won't take this opportunity to apologize yet again is tenuous ... and likely too tempting for MTV to prevent and/or not plan.

So many scenarios could go down.

Will Kanye serenade the lovely Swift? He wrote a song for her after all, and what a better place to debut it?

A source told the Associated Press that Swift will perform her own song about the events that went down last year. Can't wait to hear those lyrics!

Even though word is they won't share a stage together, I don't think anyone would be surprised if they broke out in some sort of duet.

Other behavior in question -- Snooki Polizzi and the Jersey Shore crew. Anything is possible with them in attendance. Can someone tell me why they're in attendance again?

And oh yeah, there will be some singers getting real awards too -- the original purpose of the show that's become more of a drama than anything else.

What do you expect to happen between Kanye and Taylor Swift tonight? Are you planning to watch the VMAs?


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