'True Blood' Spoilers for Those Who Just Can't Help Themselves

Sookie on True BloodThe True Blood season 3 finale is days away, and fans are speculating and theorizing about how the season will end. Some have the book series to refer to, others just take a stab in the dark, but there are those of us who can't help ourselves and read the spoilers.

If you're in that last group, this post's for you!

Sometimes I feel bad about it, but it's just part of the fun. You get a couple of pieces of the puzzle and still need to figure out how it all comes together.

Without further ado, here are your True Blood finale spoilers, so turn back if you don't want to see. Do it now!

*Spoilers ahead*


Here's a glimpse at what happens with our favorite characters.

Sookie - She's going to explore some of her family history, perhaps in her dying fairy state. She'll eventually be awakened by Bill, who, presumably, gives her some of his blood to revive her.

Sam & Tara - After finally hooking up (I was waiting for that all season), they spend some time together and it seems he might tell her he's a shapeshifter. Maybe it'll soon come out that Tara has some powers of her own, hmm.

Queen Sophie-Anne - She's been laying low but will make a comeback in the season finale. Stills from the finale have her dressed in all black, could she be rejoicing Russell's death?

Hoyt - After joining forces, Hoyt's mother and Summer stage an intervention to cure him of his vampire-loving ways. Of course, they're too late seeing as how he already let Jessica feed on him. Oh well!

Jesus - Word on the street is that there'll be a big reveal about who, or what, he really is. Could Lafayette's vision of him with that scary demon face be a hint?

Of course, there's a chance that some of these may be wrong. That's the thing about spoilers, it's hard to tell the real ones from the fake. But we'll all find out soon enough!

What True Blood finale spoilers have you heard? Do you mind having some of the surprised spoiled for you?


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