Did Lou Reed Ban Susan Boyle on 'America's Got Talent'?

I'm not a big-time Susan Boyle fan, and I really, really hate that crap-ass American's Got Talent (partially because of Howie Mandel, who gives me the major creeps, but also because of pretty much everything else about the show), but I would have loved to have seen her sing the Lou Reed classic, "Perfect Day." It's such an incredibly beautiful, heartbreaking song, and she was reportedly going to perform the song with a 100-piece children's choir.

I mean, seriously. That sounds awesome.


Unfortunately, the performance never happened, and rumors were flying that the reason was because Lou personally put the kibosh on Susan's permission to sing her rendition of the song. Why? No specific reason, according to a source, other than he didn't like her and turned down her request at the last second.

TMZ reported that after Boyle learned of Lou's diss, she "tearfully" departed Los Angeles back to the U.K., where presumably she burned all her Lou Reed records and also changed her Facebook status to "IT'S COMPLICATED."

The latest, however, is that Lou's reps deny the dick move. Their claim is that there was a last-minute SNAFU that kept the song from being cleared for the American market in time for the show, which Reed had nothing to do with.

A source close to America's Got Talent backs the TMZ report and basically says Reed's camp is a bunch of lying liars who LIE.

So, what to believe? Is it possible Lou Reed has some sort of vendetta against feel-good Scottish singers with powerful star-quality voices that belie their plain appearances, maybe the result of some kind of weird aftereffect of all the heroin he did back in his Velvet Underground days? Or maybe because he's just a jerk? After all, this is the guy who once said,

"Some even claim that I'm a terror, a dictator, and they're right."

Or ... maybe there really was some kind of boring copyright mix-up and that's all there is to the story.

What do you think?

Oh, and just for fun, here's a cool video of a whole BUNCH of different people singing "Perfect Day."


Image via SusanBoyleMusic.com

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