Will Robert Pattinson Top 'Entourage' Celebrity Cameos?

Robert Pattinson's rumored appearance on the Entourage season finale this weekend is quite the hot topic. It seems nobody cares much about the fallout of Ari's meltdown or Vince's drug problem, they just want to know: is he or isn't he?

I don't care much about Robert Pattinson or what roles he takes, but it did make me realize that a lot of us watch Entourage as much for the celebrity cameos as anything else.

In the past, we've seen Hugh Hefner and his then-girlfriends Holly, Bridget and Kendra pop up, and Kanye offered up his jet to Cannes a few seasons back. This time around, the show was jam-packed with cameos, maybe having the most yet. But how have this season's celebrities fared?


Bob Saget was back this season after a couple of appearances in the past. There were also various filmmakers thrown in, like Nick Cassavetes and Randall Wallace. Here are some of the notable cameos this season:

John Stamos - In the midst of his he said/she said extortion drama, his role as the nice guy who just wants some friends brought us back to Team Uncle Jesse.

Jessica Simpson - It's nice to see Jessica getting attention for something other than her weight and what athlete she's currently dating, so for that reason alone she deserves a mention.

Mark Cuban - Really, I don't know how this guy does it -- he seems like such a dork, yet people love him. But his appearance actually moved the plot forward a bit, which is more than I can say for other celebs.

Robert Pattinson - It's not even confirmed that he's on the show, and already people are talking about it everywhere. If he doesn't show up in the finale, maybe this is a sign they need to sign him on for the final season next year.

But who created the biggest stir this season? That one's easy:

Sasha Grey - Making Vince's love interest a porn star was a risky move, yet somehow it worked. Sure, she's not winning any Emmys in the foreseeable future, but she certainly exceeded expectations. (It helps to set the bar low, I guess.) If nothing else, her unshaved full frontal nudity will be forever ingrained in our memories.

Have you enjoyed this season's celebrity cameos? Do you want to see Robert Pattinson in the finale?


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