'Hellcats' Gets Cheers From Me!

HellcatsThere was literally nothing on TV last night (sorry, am not an America's Got Talent fan -- ugh Piers Morgan), so while flipping through the channels, I came across CW's new show Hellcats and thought, Why not? I'm easily amused by quasi-good acting and predictable drama.

I'm a little hesitant to admit ... I may have just discovered a new favorite show to add to the list.

Don't judge me!


Was it predictable? Oh god, it followed the formula to a tee. Sarcastic girl with major chip on her shoulder from a bad childhood is forced to join the peppy cheerleading squad to stay in school. Turns out, she's awesome, and the chick that she's replacing plots to get rid of her. Stay tuned for episode two ...

I'm not sure why I liked it as much as I did. Maybe it was the pop tunes that they did their booty dancing/cheering to? Or maybe it was because I was reminded of the Aly & AJ music group days (yep, that's what you recognize Aly Michalka from ... gee, I'm just getting cooler and cooler, aren't I?).

Whatever the reason, I was tempted to do a Herkie at the end ... okay not really, but it was a surprisingly good show.

Did you watch Hellcats? Please don't let me be the only person above the age of 18 to have enjoyed it.


Image via CWTV.com


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