'The Real World: New Orleans' Recap: The Cast Goes Homeless

Ashlee in sleeping bag
Ashlee is homeless ... and bored.
Mardi Gras is over, the house homophobe/closet gay is gone, and for the most part, all emotional hang-ups have been exposed. So what's left for the cast of The Real World: New Orleans?

Well, they could pretend to be homeless. 


The idea came from Mama Loretta at the Mission, who explained that it was the last "gift" she could give the roommates. Eh ... the gift of homelessness? I'd probably just settle for a card. And yet, Mama Loretta always seems to know best, so I'd probably thank her for the homelessness and give her and her giant apron a big squeeze. 

Plus, when she broke it down, homelessness turned out to be dinner, lying in a sleeping bag for five hours, and then breakfast. Where I'm from we just call that camping. 

McKenzie couldn't wait to be homeless. Knight figured he'd have to go because there wouldn't be anyone at home for him to offend. Preston, who was actually homeless at some point, had hesitations and Ashlee "needed to think about it." I can see how it would be especially difficult for Ashlee, who has spent 90 percent of the season perched at the house computer. How would she update her Facebook status to "Homeless" from the streets? 

The greatest thing about the cast being ousted from their house was the series of questions it inspired. Should they pack for the night? Do homeless people read? Do homeless people walk around? Do homeless people get thirsty?

Despite Knight and Ashlee's brief Slurpee break and a flour fight (side note: I'm pretty sure if you threw flour into a sleeping homeless man's face, he'd shank the crap out of you), the group made it through a night on the streets. Certainly they're better people for it. 

Speaking of better people, I'm sure going to miss Mama Loretta. Even though she wasn't an official cast member, she was my favorite person on the show this season. With Ryan's bed empty, they really should have invited her into the house.

Loretta, if you're out there somewhere, reading this from your new Sony Vaio laptop, I just wanted to say, I'm a big fan and I'd be honored to pretend to be homeless with you any day of the week. 

In addition to being homeless, the girls were busy trying to outdo each other in the game of 'who can date a bigger tool?'

Jemmye had the lead for a while with Knight, but then we met Sahar's man, Pablo, and we found our winner.

Meanwhile, Eric was busy being a really good guy with super dreamy eyes. Why doesn't Sahar see this? Will those two ever get together? 

Did you watch The Real World this week? Do you think the cast learned anything from their homeless experience? 


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