'Big Brother 12' Recap: The Brigade's Last Grenade Hits Britney

Big Brother 12 houseguests Hayden Enzo
Big Brother 12's Hayden & Enzo, final two?
For a somewhat boring season, Big Brother 12 has sure had its high points, and the latest episode was one of them.

It started with the most important POV competition of the season. With Lane and Britney on the block, one of them had to win it to secure their spots in the final three and send Enzo home. They needed to match clues with the houseguest, but Enzo and Lane have been paying zero attention in this game, so it came down to Britney and Hayden. Too bad for Britney that Hayden zoomed through and won POV.

With nominations staying the same and Britney definitely being evicted, The Brigade decided to drop a bomb on her ... or should I say throw a grenade?

For the first time in the game, The Brigade came clean about their alliance.


I can appreciate that they respected Britney enough to tell her the truth about why she was going home, but it did irk me a bit how they went about it.

Enzo asks Britney who she thinks was in an alliance and slowly reveals he was in a big one. She guesses it was with Matt before they come clean with the whole thing. It was all fine and dandy until Enzo said they purposely made side alliances so they would always be safe from eviction, and Lane and Britney exchanged a look that nearly broke my heart.

Lane won some points back for going after her when she left the room crying -- even after Enzo told him he had to stay -- but, seriously Lane?! You couldn't pull Britney aside and tell her yourself to save her the embarrassment? What a cowardly move. And then comparing her being upset to having your "good dogs" die ... what? You're a weird guy, Lane.

Britney was obviously upset when they told her, but at the "live" eviction that was actually pre-recorded, she had a classy exit, saying:

If I couldn't be an original member of the brigade, I'm proud to at least be a casualty...

And with that, The Brigade is in the final three. We'll see the first two parts of the last HOH competition in the next episode. We'll also get to watch the moment we've been waiting for: Matt tells Ragan the truth about his wife! Drama, drama!

Who do you think will win the final HOH and who will he take to the final two?


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