Piers Morgan Replacing Larry King -- Are You Kidding Me?

Piers MorganPiers Morgan, who has the extensive resume of being a judge on reality show America's Got Talent, as well as barely beating Trace Adkins on Celebrity Apprentice, is now replacing the iconic suspender-wearing host of Larry King Live.

Not sure how judging Cirque du Soleil-type acts translates into serious interviews with worldwide leaders ...


Oh wait, he did have an editor stint at the Daily Mirror and News of the World, though neither is exactly the Times. Let's see, the Mirror's front page today shows a naked girl with her arm over her boobs and the News of the World headline is about cheating soccer star Wayne Rooney. 

Yeah, he totally fits the bill for this type of gig.

The British journalist (and I am forced to use that term loosely) has been rumored to be the front runner for the job for several months now, but I figured CNN would surely find someone a bit more qualified. Heck Ryan Seacrest, who King had suggested take over the role, would have been a better pick.

Plus, it concerns me that there is an obscene amount of British people posting statuses like this on Twitter:


Oh CNN, what did you do?!

Think Piers Morgan is a good choice for taking over Larry King's role?


Images via NBC.com, Twitter.com

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