Aly Michalka the New Lea Michele?

Kim Conte

aly michalka hellcatsEnough with the Glee comparisons already!

The critics would have you believe that the new series, Hellcats, starring Aly Michalka and Ashley Tisdale, is The CW's response to FOX's hit show, Glee. (And, with that reasoning, that would make Hellcats' main star Michalka the counterpart to Lea Michele, right?)

But beside the fact that both air Tuesday nights, I'm coming up dry trying to find some similarities between the two shows. Cheerleading routines and glee club song and dance numbers are not in any way, shape, or form the same. Plus, Hellcats takes place in college! (I hate when pop culture references make no sense at all.)

Maybe it isn't a Glee rip-off. And, yet, the premise of Hellcats -- misfit, too-cool-for-school, cheerleader-hating college student forced to join a bitchy squad for a scholarship -- does seem all-too familiar. In fact, we've definitely seen this concept before. Here are few places where The CW's new show likely drew inspiration:


Bring It On

Likely Hellcats borrowed its high-stakes cheerleading drama, team rivalries, and dancy cheerleading routines from the peppy Bring It On movie franchise. The original movie even had a misfit character, Missy (I hate that I know that), who was too-cool-for-school and cheerleader-hating but *happened* to have a gymnastics background and joined the squad when it was short one cheerleader. Sound familiar?

High School Musical

With Tisdale on board, how can you not make comparisons between the two? Plus, Hellcats has a similar punchy, family-friendly, feel-good, underdog-wins-in-the-end vibe -- admittedly with a bit of hip thrusting and boob shaking thrown in for good measure.

Gossip Girl

Bitter rivalries? Jealous friends? Back-stabbing frenemies? Sounds like we've got another Gossip Girl on our screens. After all, that's what The CW does best.


... or any other show with skimpy outfits on very skinny girls.


Hellcats premieres tonight at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.

Will you tune in to Hellcats?


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