Trace Cyrus: It's Unbelievably Freakin' Obvious He's Miley's Kin

Trace CyrusAs the Cyrus dynasty grows, the next family member to enter the television spotlight is Trace Cyrus, Miley's 21-year-old half brother. He's currently developing a new show for the Syfy cable network called UFO: Unbelievably Freakin' Obvious.

Here are a few things we know about Trace and just how much he and Miley have in common:


1. Billy Ray Uses Them Both

Guess who Trace's co-host is going to be for the UFO show? Yep, none other than big daddy Billy Ray Cyrus. After riding Miley's coattails for four years on Hannah Montana, he and his achy breaky heart could have been condemned to the state fair circuit, but lucky for Billy Ray he has another kid.

2. They Both Like Tats

As of the last report, MIley had two tattoos -- one on her ear and one on her ribcage. Trace has about two inches of skin that isn't covered in tattoos - including some on his face.

3. They're Both Musicians

Trace is Ashland HIGH, an "electro/POP Artist". (Is that kind of like Miley is Hannah Montana, but not really?) His first album is said to be coming out "soon". He was with the band Metro Station before they broke up.

The brother-sister duo is rumored to be collaborating together on at least one song for Miley's upcoming album.

4. They've Both Got Designer Genes

While teens and tweens can scoop up Miley's bee-boopy duds at Wal-Mart, Trace's designs for his company -Southern Made, Hollywood Paid -- are much more edgy.

5. Both Have Dated Demi Lovato

OK, they've both been rumored to have dated her. The facts seem to support a once-upon-a-time relationship between Trace and Demi, but with Miley it seems to be just rumors. I hope ... otherwise, ewww.

What do you think of the expanding Cyrus dynasty?

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