Do Real Men Cry? (They Do a Lot in Pop Culture)

mad menIn this week's episode of Mad Men, the unflappable Don Draper shocked everyone by boo hoo hooing all over his desk when he found out his close friend had died. Jon Hamm's raw, emotional performance is drawing serious praise from fans and critics alike. But this alpha male crying spell is far from being the only one of its kind in pop culture.

Here's a look at some other famous men who appear to be more sad than mad:


Alexander Skarsgard (as Eric) breaks down during Season 2 of True Blood when his maker, Godric, kills himself. Many fans think this tragic scene is the best of the entire series.


Matthew Fox -- who played Jack Shephard -- on Lost might be single-handedly responsible for making us comfortable with men sobbing hysterically on TV. This is one hydrated dude. Here's one of his (seemingly) 283 famous crying spells.


Will Ferrell weeping hysterically in a phone booth (after his dog is punted off a bridge) in Anchorman is one of the funniest male crying scenes of all time.


Almost as hilarious, here's Jason Mesnick crying after he dumped Molly on The Bachelor but before dumping Melissa on live TV. He almost had us going there! (Bastard.)


Do you like it when dudes cry in pop culture? What's your favorite dude crying scene?


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