'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Kim Finally Gets Some Action

Shengo DeaneThis week on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian joins the ranks of Kate Gosselin (allegedly) and Whitney Houston (on screen) and gets it on with her bodyguard.

Shengo Deane is the bodyguard's name (remember it, I bet he'll be the most in-demand bodyguard ever soon). While he's not Armenian like she wanted last week, Kim finds him hot ... especially when she finds him in nothing but a towel when she arrives at his hotel room in Indianapolis.


After a solo dinner during which she swoons about his manners and suave Australian ways, she's a little giddy. He seems pretty uncomfortable the whole time. But he's nice to look at, so no matter.

On the next "date" Kim and Jengo go out to dinner with sister Kourtney and Scott Disick along with the world's most obnoxious mother -- Kris Jenner -- tagging along. I truly hope she's as annoying and intrusive as she is so that she gets more screen time and really isn't like that in real life.

If she wants to do anything to help Kim land a man, like she says she does, she would do well not to berate her sister's man (Disick) for everything from what he wears (a Tom Ford pocket square) to even thinking about having sex with Kourtney. Just the behavior every guy wants to see in a potential future mother-in-law.

Kim's so frazzled by the whole event that she orders two shots of Patron -- one for him and one for her. He declines since he's working -- protecting her and all -- so she downs them both.

Which brings us to the biggest question of the night: I thought Kim Kardashian never drank alcohol?!

She's been quoted repeatedly saying she doesn't touch the stuff, so why now? Is it a new habit? Is the stress of dating getting to her? Or did the show's script writers forget that little detail?

Whatever the reason it provides the liquid courage she needs to finally kiss Jengo goodnight.

It's not a big make-out session (and actually looked like it could have just been on the cheek?), but it's more action than she's supposedly seen in awhile.

The next day she shows up at his place again to set the record straight though -- that it happened because of the alcohol and they need to keep their relationship 100 percent professional. 

Jengo finally shows a bit of personality when she asks him if this happens to him with clients all the time.

"Only with Elton John," he quipped.

So it's back to the dating pool for Kim. Let's hope she keeps her mom away and the Patron flowing -- it will make things much more interesting.

Did you watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians this week? Do you think Kim and Jengo would be a good match?

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