Bristol Palin on DWTS: 'Setting a Good Example for All Moms'?

So Bristol Palin's going to be on Dancing With the Stars—because apparently the whole "Hey, I randomly decided I'm going to marry my estranged baby daddy Levi Johnston and I'm announcing it to my family through Us Weekly! Oh wait, actually, he's, like, a total scumbag, isn't he? Never mind!" thing makes her a "star"—and now she's sealed her fate as money-grubbing famewhore by giving an exclusive interview to RadarOnline.

(Well, I'm sorry, but it's not exactly like they're known for their classy journalism, you know?)

Bristol says she's super-excited about this "new and exciting challenge," and reveals that she'll be living in LA with her son Tripp during the filming of the show.

It's kind of hilarious how she's changing her entire lifestyle in order to pursue TV stardom while simultaneously berating Levi for doing pretty much the exact same thing, but I'll cut her some slack. What is she, 19? She's practically a fetus. A fetus with a toddler. Which maybe explains her next quote, in reference to her joining DWTS:
"I want to set a good example for all of the amazing moms out there. […] Yes, we can balance work and family …."
Well, can I just take this opportunity to say that I'm not actually sure Bristol Palin sets a particularly good example for those of us who do work hard to balance work and family? I mean, I'm just not sure how leaving her family and hometown for LA in order to compete on a reality show while publicly criticizing her ex-whatever is something we should all aspire to. 

Bottom line, Bristol's a teenaged girl being paid to be on television. She wants to set a good example for working moms? Maybe start by acting a little more mature. After all, even a fetus has to grow up sometime.

What do you think about Bristol's statement? Do you think she's a good example for all moms?

Image via ABC

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