Kara DioGuardi Leaves 'American Idol,' Thousands Yawn

You guys, you are not going to BELIEVE the latest about American Idol, seriously, this is totally going to blow your mind. Are you ready? Are you sitting down? Here it is:


Oh, wait.

Actually, I thought she'd already left.


Yes, in breaking news from the No-Shit Gazette, Fox finally announced that Kara is out. The only potentially interesting question is, was she fired or did she quit? She issued a statement on Friday that makes it sound like it was her choice:

“I felt like I won the lottery when I joined American Idol two years ago, but I feel like now is the best time to leave Idol."
However, she never seemed like a particularly popular judge and I wouldn't be surprised if she was asked to leave. I personally thought of her as something of a non-entity who didn't really add anything special to the show other than an impressive ability to continually rock the smokey eye look.

The executives behind Idol seem to be scrambling to recapture interest after Simon's departure. Which is smart, because of the people rumored to be in the running as replacement judges (Shania Twain, Elton John, Chris Isaak, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and more), I can't imagine anyone filling his snarky Brit shoes. Producer Nigel Lythgoe told PEOPLE the new season will focus more on the contestants rather than the personalities behind the judging table:

"We will be bringing the spotlight back onto the talent and away from the judges. I think that’s really very important, especially when you lose such a superb judge as Simon Cowell. You need to move the spotlight off him very quickly! But in truth, we’ve forgotten that it’s the talent that drives the program at the end of the day."

Well, good, because I'm picturing a show consisting of about a trillion "That was just okay for me, dawg" remarks from the last man standing, Randy Jackson, and I can't see bothering to set my TiVo. Let's hope Fox is able to come up with a new format that doesn't feel as lame as the last season did.

Are you planning to watch American Idol this season? Will you miss Kara DioGuardi?

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