'Big Brother 12' Recap: The Brigade Dominates But Britney Wins

Big Brother 12 houseguest Britney
Big Brother 12's Britney, last woman standing
Big Brother 12 was a bit predictable, so good thing there was a luxury competition to liven it up.

Things picked right up with the HOH competition. Hayden was in the lead the entire time, with Britney far behind at the start but catching up near the end. Sadly, it was too late for Britney and Hayden won HOH.

Enzo acts as if he won, talking about how great The Brigade is. (I wonder if that's his coping mechanism for never winning.) I guess I have to give it up to him for coming up with the idea. It's impressive that three of them are in the final four -- they've managed to dominate when it counts most.

If I didn't want him gone, I'd be much happier.


Britney's crying all over, spending time alone, saying she has nobody left in the house. It felt like they were re-running last week's footage of Ragan with Britney's face and voice.

But she can dry those eyes because there's a luxury competition to win and the prize is $10,000. They take turns hiding tokens throughout the house and then go in to find them. The houseguest whose token is not found wins. Britney hides hers in a cereal box inside the garbage. The guys look there a few times, but nobody finds it and Britney wins the $10,000. Too bad for Lane, who'll now need to win Big Brother to buy all that muscle milk he keeps going on about.

That's the only excitement, really. There's some whispering and final two deals going on, but the houseguests are too busy sleeping to entertain. Britney gets fed up and decides it's time for a pillow fight but even that lasts all of 45 seconds.

At least the next episode will be jam-packed with the POV competition and eviction in one night. I can't wait!

The final POV competition is by far the most important. It doesn't matter much if Hayden wins, but if somebody else wins, they are in the final three and get to choose the third houseguest joining them. This is the last chance Britney has at staying in the house.

Who do you think deserves to be in the final three?


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