Teresa Giudice to Hold Table-Flipping Contest; Other Housewives Could Take a Clue

Teresa GiudiceNothing like cashing in on one's bad behavior. Teresa Giudice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is hosting a table-flipping contest.

For real.

According to RadarOnline.com, Giudice, who famously flipped a table while flipping out over Danielle Staub's behavior, will host the contest September 24. And instead of keeping the table-flipping to the State of Jersey, where it was made famous, she's doing it in Delaware.

While she's pimping her book Skinny Italian, women will be invited to flip a table for an unspecified  prize.


Sounds like she's doing everything she can to pull in some money in the midst of her family's financial woes, which may have just gotten more problematic. The New York Daily News reports today that the couple may have failed to disclose some pretty big assets when they filed for bankruptcy protection last year.

Big like -- a couple of companies and her $250,000 book advance.


Seems like some of the other housewives could take a cue from Giudice and host some contests based on their own bad behavior.

For instance:

Ashley Holmes, Jacqueline's daughter who pulled Danielle Staub's hair, could hold a hair-pulling contest. Whoever gets the biggest chunk wins.

Danielle Staub could host a pole-dancing competition. Let's just pray Kim G. isn't allowed to enter.

Michaele Salahi of  D.C. Housewives might want to think of developing a contest in which participants try yo sneak into places they're not wanted. The most security breaches wins.

Jill Zarin of New York Housewives could host a mean friend contest. Best betrayal story takes the prize.

And on and on ... there's no limit to how much these women could cash in for their careless behavior.

Can't wait to see who actually enters a table-flipping contest, and if one will be coming to a city near me soon.

Which Housewife contest would like to enter or see happen?

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