D.C. Housewife Michaele Salahi to Pose Nude for 'Playboy'; Really?

Michaele SalahiI'm not surprised that Michaele Salahi of The Real Housewives of D.C. agreed to pose nude (really nude) for Playboy, but I'm shocked they asked her. Not to be mean, but does anyone really want to see her naked?

According to TMZ, she's going to take it ALL off -- not just topless, but everything else too. That's right full-frontal nudity from the White House crasher.

Her rep told the site the shoot will happen later this month and that she's "very excited". 

I'm not sure there's a Housewife people would be less excited about seeing nude than Salahi. She and sexy just don't go together in my mind. Am I missing something?

Here are five other Housewives I think would have been better choices:


Gretchen Rossi (Orange County) -- Cute, fun and perky she seems much more like the Playboy type.

Bethenny Frankel (New York) -- She looked great her in PETA ad, and clearly has a great bod even after baby.

Kelly Bensimon (New York) -- Oh wait, she already did.

Lisa Wu Hartwell (Atlanta) -- She would have been a much better choice than Kim Zolciak from that city, in my opinion.

Cat Ommanney (D.C.) -- She exudes much more sex appeal than Salahi and her bitch-factor would lend well to a shoot I bet.

As for the ladies from Jersey, sorry, I just don't see any of them as Playboy material.

Perhaps some of the other women have been approached and just prefer to keep their clothes on.

No word as to what Michaele's husband Tareq thinks, but if it involves his wife in the spotlight, then I'm sure he's all for it. I wouldn't be surprised if it was his idea.

It will be interesting to see how the issue sells. Maybe there's something sexy about Salahi that I just don't see ... and don't want to. Ever.

Which Housewife do you think would make the best Playboy playmate?

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