'Big Brother 12' Recap: Matt's in the Doghouse

Big Brother 12 houseguest Matt
Big Brother 12's Matt comes clean
If football made you miss Big Brother 12, I'm here to fill you in. There weren't too many surprises, but it was still a bit of a nail-biter.

Before even getting to the house, I have to say my favorite part of this episode was the jury house footage. Rachel's shocked to see Kathy, who tells her about Matt's Diamond Power of Veto. When it gets to the next week, Matt steps into a house of people he was instrumental in getting out. Awwkwaaard.

Matt shows them the competition footage and they're lounging when Brendon walks in. Rachel sits there dumbfounded and admits she didn't want to see him there because she wanted him to win. Boohoo and all of that, but now comes the good part!

Matt decides this is the best time to admit he's been lying -- his wife doesn't have a disease.


Kathy, as a cancer survivor, is the most upset, especially because he told her he could relate to her because of what his wife was going through. (Yeah, maybe that was a bit overboard, Matt.) Rachel's reaction is annoying and seems fake, making me wonder if she's ever genuine. She says his lie unforgivable and I laugh because it's not like they're BFFs or anything. Brendon says Matt is burning in hell and I laugh some more.

I'm sure they'll get over it. All Matt has to do is get Kathy to forgive him. The real obstacle will be Ragan, which he'll need to face sooner than he wants.

Back in the house, Ragan campaigned hard with Lane and Britney. He tells Britney he'll take her to the final two and gives a host of reasons to keep him. She's convinced, but can't do anything unless Lane agrees to vote for him in a tie-breaker. So Ragan goes to work on Lane, telling him he won't win if he's against Hayden or Enzo at the end.

In private, Lane admits he's taking Britney to the final two and will backstab The Brigade. In the house, I guess he didn't clue Britney in on that because Ragan is evicted. I really thought he had a chance.

We don't get to see who wins HOH, but things aren't looking good for Britney. Hayden's in the lead when the episode ends, and I'd much rather him win than Enzo. This week's POV is the most important because it guarantees your safety and makes you the only person voting in the eviction, so hopefully Britney or Lane can secure it and get Enzo out.

Who do you think will win HOH? Who do you want to see in the final three?


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