It's 90210 Day, But Where's Kelly Taylor?

90210Happy 90210 Day!

(Have no clue what I'm talking about? Check the calendar: It's 9/02/10.)

Is there a more fitting way to celebrate than flipping to the Soap Opera Network and revisiting the good ol' days -- some like to call 'em "The '90s" -- when the original Beverly Hills 90210 was on the air?

The city of Beverly Hills doesn't agree; in fact, on this important day of remembrance, far from joining in on the nostalgia and chanting "Donna Martin Graduates!" in the streets, its residents are doing everything in their power to avoid acknowledging that The Walshes, Kelly Taylor, Dylan McKay, and friends even existed ...


The city is throwing not one but two 90210 festivities this evening -- a stuffy wine event with the mayor and a second later on featuring the singer Natasha Bedingfield. Neither event makes mention of the hit teen drama that put it on the (pop cultural) road map ... and, frankly, it's no wonder!

No doubt the city is petrified should anyone associate it with the abomination that is the CW's 90201 remake. I happened to catch a few minutes of that show the other night and was instantly reminded of why I stopped watching long ago: It's about as real-life as The Vampire Diaries -- which, now that you mention it, looks practically like an Emmy contender compared to this recycled high school teen drivel. In short, I'd happily spoon my eyes out than watch that show ever again.

True, the former 90210 stars are doing well for themselves. Brian Austin Green recently wed hottie Megan Fox; Jennie Garth has a gorgeous family with Twilight star Peter Facinelli; Shannon Doherty recently learned to dance; and Tori Spelling is taking over the world. Whether Beverly Hills likes it or not, it will forever remain in the hearts of many as a place where teenage dreams really do come true. You can run from your cultural roots, but you can't hide, BH.

How will you celebrate 90210 day?


Image via rick/Flickr

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