'The Real World: New Orleans' Recap: Is Ryan the Worst Roommate Ever?

Ryan leaving
Ryan packs his bags.
Clearly this week's episode of The Real World: New Orleans was all about Ryan's shenanigans, but it was also nice to see Preston settle down. He said goodbye to all the "Big Thangs" of his former promiscuous life and declared Marty his official boyfriend. Aww. 

Now on to Ryan, who eventually decided to give up all the free Subway sandwiches and rode off into the NOLA night for good. 


So just what made Ryan go the way of Puck from the San Francisco season, David from LA, Erika from DC, and nearly a dozen other cast members who left the show early? 

Well let's see, there was his homophobia and general disrespect for everyone in the house. He stole prescription pills and lied about it. He didn't clean, didn't like to volunteer, and he ate one of the house pets (but to be fair, so did Knight). 

Certainly a visit from Brother and Cousin helped speed up Ryan's downward spiral. This week alone he lost the car, confused perpendicular for parallel (not cool), cock blocked Eric, woke up all the roommate's at 2am, and defiantly drank a beer throughout the group's drug class. 

But Ryan's worst offense, the thing that ultimately set the roommates off and sent Ryan packing--his refusal to attend a house meeting.

Since the beginning of Real World history, house meetings have been a sacred event. They're the only weapon the roommates have to protect themselves from each other's insanity. Of course there's no script, but just as you can always count on a misunderstood roommate who swears back home everyone "gets" him/her, you can expect that there will be house meetings. To refuse one? That's reality TV sacrilege. Even Puck humored the idea of house meetings. 

So what happens when you refuse to meet? You gotta go. Ryan's departure has to be the quickest exit for any cast member. Nobody hesitated and nobody felt all that bad about him leaving. 

The moral of the story: don't mess with the house meeting. 

Did you watch The Real World this week? Do you think Ryan is the all-time worst roommate?


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