'Big Brother 12' Recap: Dancing to the Final Four

Big Brother 12 houseguest Britney
Big Brother 12's Britney makes final four
The latest Big Brother 12 had pushing, throwing, crying, dancing ... entertainment all around.

It started with a brutal POV competition. Otev the Broadway Hamburger Clam wanted them to find CDs combining the names of two evicted houseguests.

It came down to Ragan and Enzo, who slammed into each other on their way to the last CD. Enzo won POV, and Ragan threw a CD at Otev, hitting Enzo in the process. (Well, kinda.)

Enzo talks trash about Ragan being a sore loser, saying it came down to who wanted it more. Ragan may have been a sore loser, but it sounds funny coming from somebody who's moped and groaned about not winning HOH ... or any other competition. Besides, I'm pretty sure Enzo being twice Ragan's size had something to do with his win.

At least we got to hear Enzo say:

Papa got the bling bling. [...] Now the Meow Meow starts to play.


Then we get to see the other two punishments from Pandora's Box. First, they talked with sock puppets for 12 hours, which was sad for Ragan who said it was like his Wilson from Cast Away.

But next, they had to dance every time music played for another 12 hours.

Funniest. Thing. Ever.

Hayden dances like it literally pains him, and Lane's swatting away flies or stomping on bugs. Britney and Ragan masked their ability or inability by having a bit more fun with it, but it was funny all the same. Enzo has the Jersey Shore fist pump down or, as he calls it, the "get up and get amped" dance. It was the most hilarious thing this season.

Back to game play, Lane smartened up and trusted his gut. He had to choose between Hayden and Britney. He knew there was a good chance Hayden and Enzo would turn on him and vote Britney out. Britney also made him realize that if Hayden and Lane were in the final two, Hayden would likely win. (I think this is actually true.) Of course, she conveniently left out that she wouldn't vote for him in that scenario either, but it worked. Lane nominated Hayden against Ragan.

Pending some sort of deal between Britney, Lane, and Ragan, Ragan is gone this week. And Enzo kept repeating to himself that he's "not losing no more," but I surely hope he doesn't win HOH because I still want him out.

Who do you think will be the final four? Who do you want to get HOH?


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