Don't Mess With the Housewives, You Piece of Garbage!

Kim Conte

chelsea handlerAnother day, another angry Real Housewives star stirring up all kinds of trouble ...

According to, Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice is threatening a no-show at the start of the Season 3 taping unless Bravo is prepared to pay her the big bucks. No wonder she put on such a show Monday night at the reunion.

How much does she want? Get this: She wants the "equivalent to what the Jersey Shore kids are making" -- so, $30K an episode. And if she doesn't get it, well then she's walking out!

(Uh ... to where exactly?)

Perhaps she's planning to join another Housewife who announced yesterday that she's moving on from the franchise ...


Yup, you saw this coming: New York's Bethenny Frankel told US Weekly that she's had it up to her eyeballs with Jill Zarin-Kelly Bensimon drama-rama and isn't going to take it anymore. When taping for Season 4 starts in a few weeks, she won't be a part of it.

“Last season was scary and painful ... It took all of the joy out of it.”

Finally, three of the, ahem "Housewives" paid a little visit to Chelsea Handler last night to bully her tell her in person that they really didn't appreciate her referring to them as "tasteless sluts."

Teresa, in particular, had a few words for the comedian (also from New Jersey):

"Let me tell you about Chelsea Handler -- that b*tch only wishes she had a much class as myself and my family!"

Check out the clip here.


Image via E!

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