'Bachelor Pad' Recap: We Interrupt This Program to Bring You 'Dancing With the Stars'

Elizabeth Kitt
Elizabeth Kitt
Somewhere about midway through this week's episode of Bachelor Pad, I started searching for my remote control as I thought someone had changed my channel. Because instead of roses and fantasy suites there was Bristol Palin, David Hasselhoff and the rest of the new cast for Season 11 of Dancing with the Stars.

They broke into the show twice -- once to announce the women and once to announce the men who will be dancing this season.

Here's the lineup:


Women: Brandy, Jennifer Grey (from Dirty Dancing), Margaret Cho, Audrina Patridge (The Hills), Florence Henderson and Bristol Palin.

Men: Michael Bolton, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino (Jersey Shore), David Hasselhoff, Rick Fox (basketball player), Kurt Warner (football player) and Kyle Massey (rapper). 

Tom Bergeron also did a strange little mini interview with contestants, zooming in right away on Bristol, asking her what her mother, Sarah Palin, thought of her appearing on the show.

"She's exited for me ... she knows this will be hard work," she said.

When asked if we'd see Sarah in the ballroom, Palin answered, "Hopefully."

But back to Bachelor Pad (see how awkward and abrupt that is?) ...

It started with a pretty mean contest in which players were asked to anonymously answer questions about the other house guests. Then in front of the entire house they had to write down answers for each as to who they thought the most people voted for.

Things like dumbest (Gwen), most likely to be always a bridesmaid but never a bride (Natalie) and worst boob job (Elizabeth) were decided.

Yes, there were lots of tears.

Elizabeth got a double whammy and was also voted "most shallow". Her response to that may have been one of the all-time best reality show quotes ever.

"I don't consider myself shallow. I don't even really know what shallow means."


But all the bashing she took made Kovacs comfort her and declare his devotion, which is all she really cares about anyway. 

Tenley took Kiptyn on a one-on-one date, and they were finally able to express their feelings for one another in the fantasy suite. They are still trying to pretend they're not together, but everyone knows. All of Tenley's little squeals whenever Kiptyn breathes are a pretty big clue.

Peyton and Jesse B. got the other one-on-one date. While it started out with a bit of heat between them, Jesse's burping and sticking his finger up her nose quickly cooled Peyton off. She even turned down a stay in the fantasy suite (gasp!).

In the end, stil no one had the balls to break up the couples. They all talk about how they need to do it, but don't.

So once again "outsiders" went home -- Wes and Krisily (who was totally pissed at being sold out by Dave) -- and the core group of "cool kids' grew even stronger.

In a final rant, Krisily warned the rest of the contestants that the final four standing would be Kovacs and Elizabeth and Tenley and Kiptyn if they don't finally BREAK UP THE COUPLES.

I tend to agree and also really hope Kiptyn and Kovacs aren't just playing the love gave to win the end game. Call me jaded, but they seem a little too unconcerned with the money, and I'm not sure I buy it.

Which was more interesting to you tonight -- the Bachelor Pad drama or Dancing With the Stars announcement?

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