8 Most Awkward Emmy Moments

emmy awardThe Emmys are never the most salacious awards show. Nor do they ever have the insane pyrotechnics or high-profile music performances as other shows (ugh, remember that Josh Groban medley two years ago?).

They do, however, usually provide us with plenty of awkward moments to laugh about for the next two days.

Here are eight of our favorite moments that made us cringe:


The Big Ones: The joke started when Kirstie Alley won Best Comedian Actress in '91 for her role in Cheers. In her acceptance speech, she thanked her husband for giving her "the big one for the last eight years." Afterwards, host Jerry Seinfeld joked, ''The big one? That could be anything!''

It should have been left at that, but Burt Reynolds had to get in on the action, thanking his wife for "two big ones." Hardy har har.

Awkward Family Video: When Katherine Heigl won for Best Supporting Actress in 2007, she said in her acceptance speech, "My own mother didn't think I had a shot in hell tonight ... " Cue to video shot of (mortified) mother in the audience.

F-Bomb: Seth MacFarlane dropped the F-bomb after having an entire conversation with E!'s Giuliana Rancic about how he couldn't curse on live television.

Someone Needs to Be Fired: In 2005, Donald Trump performed the Green Acres theme song with Megan Mullally. I'm not sure which was worst -- Trump's outfit or Megan singing in her Karen (aka Minnie Mouse) voice.

Oops, He Broke Her!: During a skit with Tom Bergeron in 2008, Heidi Klum pretended to swoon and fall, while Tom caught her, illustrating "drama." Then, he dropped her to illustrate "comedy." I think everyone but Heidi thought that was funny ... she had a huge bruise from it at the end of the night.

Jon Stewart's Rant: When Jon Stewart hosted in 2005, he went on a rant about Hurricane Katrina that had deliberately been edited and dubbed with injections of TV show advertising and puppies and kitties instead of middle fingers. Funny or weird ... you tell me.

Liar, Liar: When the ladies of Desperate Housewives presented the award for Best Supporting Actor in 2008, one of their lines were: "From the beginning of this show, the women have been nothing but supportive of each other." Umm ... no.

Lost Forever: When S. Epatha Merkerson got up to the stage to accept her award in 2005, she first had to dig around her cleavage for her acceptance speech. Not being able to find it, she attempted to rattle off names before just giving up. Now ladies, what did we learn from this?

What has been your favorite awkward Emmy moment?


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