Emmys Host Jimmy Fallon: How Does He Stack Up?

2010 Emmy Host Jimmy Fallon
Can Jimmy Fallon rock his Emmy hosting gig this weekend?

Jimmy Fallon sure has his work cut out for him this weekend. The TV talker is hosting the Emmys -- and everyone knows no one really watches these Hollywood awards shows anymore. We just peruse the fabulous frocks and fill up on the behind-the-scenes gossip on those celeb sites the day after.

But there are some awards show hosts who make it worth tuning in. And Fallon is nothing if not confident. In fact, "I'll be much much better than Neil Patrick Harris -- the reviews are already in!" the Late Night host bragged earlier this week. "No, Neil's a super-talented guy. I'm going to try to break his leg before the show starts so he doesn't try to come on and outshine me."

Nobody likes a big head, Fallon. Let's see how you stack up against these old school Emmy hosts with the most.


Neil Patrick Harris: A classic song-and-dance man, Harris was riding high on his success as womanizer Barney on TV's How I Met Your Mother, his stellar turn as a badass version of himself in Harold & Kumar, and of course, a bunch of hosting gigs, including the TV Land Awards and the Tonys. So last year's Emmy hosting gig was just the capper on a fabulous career renaissance for the former teen star (Doogie Howser, M.D.), who has already earned two Emmy Awards this year, including one for his fabulous turn as Matt Morrison's rival on Glee. And by all accounts, he did a fabulous job as host of the 2009 shindig with his dapper dance moves, smooth crooning, and timely jokes. Even renowned TV host Jon Stewart had to give him kudos. "You're doing a wonderful job," he said to Harris on air last year. "These shows usually suck."

Ellen DeGeneres: The daytime talk show host just exudes good will, which comes in handy when you're hosting Hollywood's biggest and brightest boldfaced names. And Ellen rocked it so hard, they asked her back -- three times! The first, in 2001, was shortly after 9/11, and Ellen's good-natured presence lent an upbeat note to the show. Plus, when all else fails, the tow-headed talker can entertain millions just by working her signature dance moves.

Conan O'Brien: Are you with Coco? O'Brien brought his signature self-deprecating humor to the stage while looming large over the audience as host of the 2002 and 2006 shows. His viciously funny spoofs of shows like Lost, The Office, and South Park made the show worth checking out -- or at least it made for fun YouTubing the next day. Plus, while he's not a natural dancer like Neil Patrick Harris or Ellen, he was still very willing to give it a go, all for a laugh. What more can you ask for from a host?

Do you think Jimmy Fallon will sink or swim this weekend?

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