10 Coolest Teachers on TV

Mr. FeenyRemember your favorite teacher? The one whose class you actually wanted to take? Mine was my theater teacher all through high school ... Mrs. Wesner, or as the hardcore theater kids called her, Wes. She was awe-some. Her classroom was the one that all the kids hung out at after school. We'd sit around on her couches (yeah, no desks in this classroom!), eat in class, and talk to her about our relationships (and she always treated us like adults).

So with school starting back up, we can only hope that our kids get a teacher that they love and are inspired by as much as we were with our favorites. Perhaps, even a teacher like these 10 teachers from television ...


Mr. Feeney from Boy Meets World: Oh did that man have patience. Every time he tried to prune his petunias, he had to deal with teenage drama on the other side of the fence. He must not have minded it too much though, as he followed his students through their entire lives -- even when Cory, Topanga, and Shawn went off to college.

Lily Aldrin from How I Met Your Mother: We see the "real" side of her, so she has to be just as awesome in the classroom (except minus the wine).

Mr. Garrison/Mrs. Garrison from South Park: The gay teacher had a sex change to become a woman (and then later back to a man). However confused he may be about his sexual identity, he, along with Mr. Hat, is super-cool.

Mr. Garrison

Mr. Schuester from Glee: The cutie pie crooner revives the school's glee club and inspires the kids to go after their dreams.

Miss Bliss from Saved By the Bell: Here's a fun fact, Saved by the Bell was stemmed from a show called Good Morning, Miss Bliss that starred the lovable teacher. It aired on Disney, starring Hayley Mills. Even though NBC didn't pick up the pilot, it was later retooled as the show that we all know and love. 

Ryan Matthews from 90210: He's the hunky teacher we all wish we had. Though he gets caught up in quite a bit of drama, it's clear that he's passionate about his career and is always willing to give second chances.

ryan matthews

Miss Frizzle from The Magic School Bus: Talk about a cool way to learn! I could learn about dinosaurs all day if I was magically transported back to prehistoric times.

Mr. Cooper from Hanging With Mr. Cooper: Even though he was just a substitute, he was definitely the kind of sub you wanted when your teacher got sick. His laid-back, cool personality made him loved by his students.

Mr. Collins from The Wonder Years: This strict but amazing teacher pushed Kevin to make an A in math. Sadly the character died from an illness, but Kevin undoubtedly took those life lessons with him.

Ross Gellar from Friends: The NYU professor always seems to be more worried about impressing his students than having his students impress him, even going as far as putting on a British accent.

Who was your favorite TV teacher (or favorite teacher in real life)?


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