'Burn Notice' Recap: Jesse Plays Nice ... Kinda.

Burn Notice Guilty as Charged
Burn Notice showdown with Michael & Jesse
The Burn Notice summer finale, "Guilty as Charged," was a bit of a jumbled mess but in a good way, as only Burn Notice can do.

The side job was getting back the daughter of a defense lawyer kidnapped by a goon who wants to get his brother out of jail. The lawyer messes up the original plan, but Michael still gets the daughter back. There isn't really a resolution because they didn't scare away the goons the way they usually do. Instead, the client is all "I'll handle it." These are the themes for the night: people messing with Michael's plan and loose ends.


In addition to the side job, there were a bunch of other things to keep track of.

There's Barrett, who Michael's turning over to the FBI or some such agency. The problem is that Vaughn is all up in the mix and doesn't trust that Michael knows what he's doing. Or maybe he doesn't want Michael to double-cross him which, let's face it, he won't do.

Meanwhile, Fiona convinces Michael to let her go talk to Jesse first and brings Maddie along because he won't kill Maddie (smart cookie). Maddie steals the scene, telling Jesse that Michael's not the man he thinks he is. Sharon Gless didn't get that Emmy nomination for nothing.

Jesse and Michael have a showdown of sorts and Jesse insists he won't be working with Michael to get Barrett. You already know what's coming, though.

All of these storylines converge when Michael meets with Barrett. Everything's going as planned until Vaughn shows up and starts shooting at Barrett's crew. Barrett thinks Michael set him up and wants to torture him, but soon Jesse's shooting at everybody, including Michael. In the storm of bullets, Barrett gets away with Michael.

I was just starting to wonder why there weren't more explosions or chase scenes when Michael flips the car over. Not quite the same thing, but it'll do.

We're left with Barrett presumably dead, Michael unconscious from losing so much blood, somebody in boots taking the bible cipher and decoder, and no idea what's up with Vaughn, Sam, or Fi. I'm guessing that "somebody in boots" is Jesse, but who knows what's going on anymore.

They seem to be setting Jesse up as a softie at heart so he can join the team, while leaving enough edge to get rid of him if the viewers hate him. So I guess he'll just keep playing nice until they decide what to do with him.

Were you satisfied with the summer finale? What do you think is in store when the season continues in November?


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