'Big Brother 12' Recap: Dumb & Dumber Still in the Game

Big Brother 12 houseguest Ragan
Ragan, Big Brother 12's future winner?
Big Brother 12's Double Eviction night was one to remember, so let's jump right in.

Ragan figured out that the tough guys were in a four-way alliance, partly thanks to Enzo's big mouth. Matt tried to use this as leverage to stay in the game, but the damage was done and Matt was unanimously evicted.

In his interview with Julie, he admitted that he shouldn't have thrown the previous HOH competition, but he thought he was safe. I called it last week: bad move!

But that was only the beginning of the night ...


In the HOH competition, they must find the names of two houseguests who won HOH twice (Matt and Rachel, duh) in a pile of package peanuts. Worst-case scenario happens -- uh, for me anyway -- and Hayden wins HOH.

Ragan is his real target, so Hayden nominates him along with Brendon. The POV is a Before & After and Ragan wins it, taking himself off the block. Hayden obviously nominates Britney.

Okay, let's pause.

They could get rid of Brendon, whom they all hate, or Britney, the easy eviction. They have to evict her soon anyway, so why not now? Brendon might win more competitions, but he has less jury votes.

I thought of everything and was convinced she was outta there. Then Enzo voted to evict Brendon and I gasped the loudest gasp ever. It was the gasp heard around the world. I'm sure you heard it around 10 EST. And Brendon was out with yet another unanimous vote. By the way, is that the fifth unanimous vote this season or only the fourth?

So, the self-proclaimed diabolical supergenius is gone, as is the self-proclaimed lover-of-Rachel. Two strong competitors with decent strategies evicted and we're left with paranoid Enzo and clueless Hayden as head honchos. I swear, they're a regular Dumb & Dumber pair.

Sadly, we couldn't see the next HOH competition, but hopefully Britney or Ragan won. I kind of want them in the final three with Lane. I realize Lane hasn't won anything, but at least he tries or pretends to try. Plus, his backstabbing is subtle and he's had successful side alliances like Matt and Hayden without as much attention.

But maybe Ragan will sneak up on people. He said that Matt's betrayal snapped him back to reality. He has two POV wins under his belt, so is an HOH next?

Don't get me wrong, I still want Britney to win, but the case could be made for Lane or Ragan, and they should make it to the final three with her.

How do you think this week will play out leading up to the final four?


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