'Jersey Shore' Recap: Didn't We Watch This Last Week?

Jersey Shore
Snooki on the phone with Emilio
It's Gay Pride Week in Miami, so Snooki and JWoww go out dancing with some gay guys and have an amazing time. But once Snooki and JWoww get back home, Snooki for some reason calls Emilio.

She decides to give him another chance and tells him she met some gay friends. Emilio then threatens to go out with lesbians.

After trying to tell him it isn't the same thing, they hurriedly break up again. Snooki says she misses Emilio when she's out, but he says he doesn't miss her, so Snooki hangs up on him. She then hangs up on him again when he calls her back. Jenni cheers her on in the background.

Um, and here I thought they broke up in last week's episode ... whoa, deja vu.


Snooki, who's down in the dumps, has a mini breakdown in the middle of the street, while JWoww comforts her. Luckily it isn't enough to keep her away from Ravioli Night, where she reveals that she's officially single and going to take the town by storm. To drive home the point, she burns photos of her and Emilio and for whatever reason drops the charred remains in a vase.

And we get through 20 minutes of the episode with no Ronnie and Sammi drama, but that was just a tease.

JWoww and Snooki plant the note they wrote for Sammi. The letter says that Ron gets with fat chicks and hooks up with girls and does things with their breasts. Sammi finds it, while Snooki and JWoww are afraid to go back to the house. Snooki sums it up nicely:

"We just don't want to deal with the drama ... that we caused."

Vinny and Ron have a hilarious whispered convo about Sammi finding the note. Ronnie tries to figure out who it is by process of elimination:

“Right away, I know it’s either Snooki or Jenni. Then I read the letter, and I see the word ‘wisely,’ and I know Snooki doesn’t use that kind of vocabulary.”

He finally talks to Sammi about it and pathetically tries to defend himself. He keeps denying making out with girls, yet he doesn't deny getting girls' numbers. After they break up for the millionth time, Ronnie goes and calls a girl just to piss off Sammi. It's like watching breakup tactics from the sixth grade. She confronts him, they argue, and they both go to bed separately, with Ronnie showing off his clean-shaven pits.

Continually breaking up and getting back with your boyfriend isn't good for anyone involved, and it isn't all that fun to watch. When you break up, stay broken up! This never-ending relationship cycle will also clearly affect your friendships, as next week's episode features an intense JWoww vs. Sammi fight.

Ronnie and Sammi: Please, please let this be the end of your drama. Yes, Ronnie, if you do go to church, you probably would burst into flames, as he so eloquently put it, for boring us all like this.

Are you sick of the Ronnie/Sammi drama? What did you think of the episode?


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