'The Real World: New Orleans' Recap: Is Ryan Crazy?

Ryan cooking fish

Sahar dealt with stage fright and the rest of the roommates dealt with the terror that is Ryan on this week's episode of The Real World: New Orleans.

If that weren't enough scary for one episode, the house also got its very own pet cemetery thanks to McKenzie. The blonde Floridian gently laid to rest a pet fish in a home-crafted Ziploc coffin. Later, she willed a different gilled friend to live, using only her words and a soup ladle.

I can already see this season's spin-off: McKenzie: The Fish Whisperer.


Of course the fish that McKenzie sent to swim in flounder heaven wasn't the first to go. Ryan had his own way of dealing with a deceased pet, which involved spices and a frying pan. If Ryan's fish fry had been his most bizarre activity all episode, that would be one thing. But unfortunately, he just got stranger and stranger. 

When it came to lying about the Percocet, he seemed so confident in his story I almost wondered if he believed it. If it were anyone else in his position, they'd just be lying. But with Ryan, it's possible that he's delusional enough to think his buddy Knight did help polish off the pills. 

Then there was his aggressive behavior and mood swings -- crying, wanting to punch someone, pounding his head against the car window, picking a fight with Jemmye ... am I missing anything? Frying their pet in a pan. Oh yeah, we already covered that. 

As far as other odd behavior, I'm tempted to mention Ryan sucking Knight's balls with a vacuum cleaner. And yet, I think a lot of guys in their early 20s would give that a try, so we'll leave that one alone. 

So what's wrong with Ryan? OCD? ADHD? Needs-to-be-the-center-of-attention Disorder?

More importantly, how should the roommates deal with him? I have one suggestion -- send him to the soup kitchen for a one-on-one with Loretta, who had plenty of sterling advice for Knight. Every show needs its voice of reason (Wilson on Home Improvement; the Walsh parents on Beverly Hills, 90210) and Loretta could be just what the New Orleans cast needs to help them survive the insanity. 

Did you watch The Real World this week? Do you think Ryan is crazy?


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