'Big Brother 12' Recap: The Brigade Is Dead, But Is Matt Really Out?

Big Brother 12 houseguest Matt
Big Brother 12's diabolical supergenius Matt
That Big Brother 12 episode was action-packed!

Let's start with Britney. She was impressing me -- winning competitions, not letting herself become a target -- but it went out the window this week. Now, Britney's just Lane's pawn. Every time Lane suggests something to her, her instincts tell her he's wrong. Yet, somehow, she ends up doing what he wants anyway.

Matt's game also suffered. The Brigade was ready to get rid of him last week, but he still trusts them. Then he throws Ragan under the bus, giving everybody an excuse to evict him because he's disloyal.

Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself, let's back up.


In the POV competition, they won points for taking a punishment or lost points for taking a prize. Here's how they made out:

  • Britney - No prizes, no punishments
  • Brendon - No prizes, four punishments (shaved head, handcuffed to houseguest, chum bath, Have Not for 3 weeks)
  • Enzo - No prizes, two punishments (penguin costume, all clothes to charity)
  • Matt - No prizes, no punishments
  • Lane - One prize (call from home), no punishments
  • Hayden - Two prizes (Hawaiian vacation, $5,000), no punishments

Of course, Hayden doesn't tell anybody about his prizes, even after Lane fesses up. Everybody thinks Matt won them, mostly because Enzo said so. (I've realized that when Enzo has a wild idea, everybody runs with it.)

It's no surprise when Brendon wins. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Brendon has nothing to lose and everything to gain. He's playing alone and that's what pushes him to win these competitions.

The Brigade wants Matt out, so Lane gets Britney to backdoor him. He's probably leaving tomorrow. I'm slightly bummed because I liked his bold moves, but I didn't want him to win based on a disease his wife doesn't even have. The only way he's staying in is if he works the sick wife sob story, gets Hayden to admit he took the prizes, and points out Enzo's floating. It's a stretch, but if anybody can talk themselves out of eviction, it's Matt.

I'm fine with whoever goes tomorrow. Mostly, I'm excited for Double Eviction night! My prediction: Matt goes home, Ragan wins HOH, Enzo or Hayden go home.

Alright, maybe by "prediction" I actually mean "what I want." What will probably happen is Ragan or Britney will go home unless one of them wins HOH, in which case, Brendon's gone. The only person who seems completely safe is Lane.

How do you want to see the Double Eviction night go down?


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