Is Primetime Ready for Oral Sex?

julianne margulies good wifeI'm all comfy in my sweats, pint of ice cream in hand, ready to settle down to the only television show I watch: The Good Wife. Things are getting good. Peter Florrick (Chris Noth) is out of prison and back home with his wife Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and their two kids. Some melted ice cream drips down on my chin. I wipe it off with my T-shirt, and look up suddenly to see Peter going down on Alicia. My eyes! MY EYES!

Chris Noth just simulated giving oral sex to Julianna Margulies on primetime television. In my living room. My biggest problem with this?


Chris Noth skeeves me out. Big time. I wouldn't give the guy a chance if I had the chance. And actually I did. He hit on me once -- like he has just about every woman in New York City within spitting distance. I threw up a little in my mouth -- like just about every other New York woman he's hit on off camera -- and ran for safety. Sorry to burst your Mr. Big bubble ladies, but the dude is way creepy. So even though I know it's make believe, this scene is making me sick.

Fortunately, I may never be forced to see it -- and neither will the 13 million other Good Wife viewers (even those who fantasize about doing this kind of thing with Mr. Noth).

The steamy sex scene was filmed and appeared in an unedited clip of the show's season premiere that was shown to a group of TV reporters in New York City.

According to David Bauder, an AP reporter, here's what happens in the clip: Peter is seen clearly getting turned on at the sight of his gorgeous wife in court, acting all competent and in control. Later that night, when Alicia's in the bathroom brushing her teeth, he comes up behind her and, after waggling her about a bit, the scene "fades out [and] it's clear that the couple engage in oral sex."

During a Q&A with the actors after the screening, Julianna Margulies bragged to reporters that it was the first time a network aired an oral sex scene. When Bauder asked her if that was really true, all hell broke loose.

Whether it's a first or not, it's not clear how much of the scene will actually be shown on the season premiere of The Good Wife (September 28) -- the clip hadn't been approved by the CBS standards department (aka The Decency Police).

Of course all kinds of crazy, bloody sex happens on True Blood and other HBO -- and Showtime -- offerings. But CBS is a "family channel" so for it to foray into, uh, vaginas would be a really big deal.

I seriously don't care if they show it, but please CBS, not Chris Noth. Can't Alicia be getting it on with Will?

Do you think oral sex scenes belong on primetime TV?


Image via The Good Wife/CBS


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