'Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion' Sneak Peek: Teresa Foams at the Mouth

Last night's Real Housewives of New Jersey finale was underwhelming to be sure, but next week's finale looks anything but:

real housewives of new jersey reunion

A sneak peek at the two-part reunion special shows tons of screeching, pillow throwing, stomping off the stage, and Teresa Giudice practically foaming at the mouth ...


Though Giudice is typically loud and obnoxious, she's always seemed harmless -- until now. In the previews she threatens the show's protagonist Danielle Staub with this classy line: "Bitch, I'm gonna pin you down." Later, inches away from Staub's face, she screams, "Do not break up my family!"

What the heck is going on here? I thought Staub had the monopoly on scary, insane behavior. Maybe she really does need those bodyguards after all.

And, it doesn't stop there. No one is safe from Giudice's wrath -- not even Andy Cohen: When the host tries to hold her back from going after Staub, she pushes him down.

real housewives of new jersey reunion

Later, Cohen even has to hold Jacqueline back from going after Staub. Rumor is he had to do a lot of fast-talking to get the Housewives to finish filming.

real housewives of new jersey reunion

The women make the New York Housewives look like cuddly kittens.

With Staub allegedly leaving the show (and taking a bunch of fans with her), you have to wonder if the three remaining Housewives are pulling out all the stops to keep skeptical fans tuning in for next season. Either that or Bravo coughed up the big bucks so that these ladies would go at it on live TV.

To see the entire sneak peek, click the link.

Are you going to watch the RHONJ reunion special?

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