Jennifer Aniston is Perfect for 'Cougar Town'

jennifer aniston Poor Jennifer Aniston. She's had a rough few weeks. First, Bill O'Reilly blames all our societal ills on her; then her handlers forget to tell her that using the word "retard" on a live national show like Live With Regis and Kelly probably isn't the best idea; and then her movie "The Switch" bombs at the box office.

Yup. It sure sucks to be Jenn.

But she's not the kind of girl to sit around and mope. In fact, today ABC confirmed that she'll be joining Courteney Cox on the Cougar Town premiere next month. A show where she doesn't dress her age and dates guys far younger than she is? Perfect! Jenn, 41, has been doing that ever since she divorced Brad Pitt.

Let's take a look at the boy toys she's been spotted with over the years.

  • John Mayer -- the two are said to have rekindled the flame at his Hollywood Bowl concert (Jenn is 8 years older)
  • Bradley Cooper (Jenn is 6 years older)
  • Orlando Bloom (Jenn is 9 years older)
  • Paul Sculfor, random British model guy (Jenn is 2 years older chronologically; mentally the gap is probably greater)
  • Jason Sudeikis (Jenn is 6 years older)

Cougar Town is the perfect place for Jenn to show off her many talents -- and maybe television is just the place to get her career back on track. The big screen isn't doing it for her -- or us.

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