'The Situation' vs. Obama: Who Makes More?

dituation Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino stands to earn five million smackers in 2010. That's about 800,000 per ab. (Yes, now you know that there are exactly six abdominal muscles. Don't say I never taught you anything.)

How will the Jersey Shore housemate do it? Can one year of drinking, fist pumping, smushing, and GTL really provide that much cash?


Apparently so. Here's the breakdown:

  • Jersey Shore will bring in about $60,000 per episode, plus bonuses
  • $15,000 to $50,000 per event appearance
  • The Situation Workout, a fitness video for -- you guessed it -- abs
  • A chewable dietary supplement through GNC
  • A six-figure advance from Gotham Books is in the works for his autobiography, Here's the Situation
  • Endorsement deals for a new vodka brand, Vitaminwater, and Reebok
  • Clothing line through Dilligaf 

Throw in his rap song, titled -- again you guessed it -- "The Situation" and you're talking a whole lot of Benjamins.

So how do the earnings of the former-assistant-manager-of a-Staten-Island-fitness-center-turned-reality-star stack up against other professions?

The average American teacher's salary is less than $55,000.

The average police officer makes $55,000.

The Leader of the Free World only brings home $400,000 worth of bacon.

My advice? The Situation should stick to the GTL, as the average assistant fitness center manager's salary is less than $40,000.

Does it freak you out that "The Situation" stands to earn so much?

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